Print is Vital to the Business of Graphic Design

I’ve just finished reading the 45th Annual Print Design Survey in the June 2008 issue of Graphic Design USA, and was delighted to hear that “94% of respondents say they design for print as part of their media mix. Up from 92% last year and 91% from the previous year.” (Internet was 77%) The article also nicely states that  “Print endures, despite the obvious allure of digital media, because it remains supremely effective at creating relationships between communicator and audience.”

GDUSA’s readership is comprised of creative professionals at graphic design firms, advertising agencies, corporations, non-profits and other institutions, and here’s a breakdown of what types of print projects those questioned have worked on in the past year in ranking order:

1. Brochures/Collateral

2. Sales Promotion

3. Direct Mail

4. Print Advertising

5. Identity/Letterhead

6. Cards/Invites/Announcements

7. Posters

8. Publications/Periodicals

9. Annual & Corporate Reports

10. Packages/POP/Signs