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Adobe Creative Suite 3
Groups of Adobe InDesign users have created communities around the World dedicated to sharing and growing within the InDesign environment. Themed meetings revolve around topics such as Transparency Effects and Applications, XML for Designers, and Text Control and Styles. The groups present in a variety of delivery methods, from informative lectures to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? styled games. InDesign User Group members are often the first to see and experience new products, such as the recently released Creative Suite 3. Whether new to InDesign or an expert user, IDUG meetings are a valuable resource for learning, experiencing, networking and sharing all things InDesign. Join or visit a group near you; get information or sign up online at Members receive exclusive discounts and freebies: plug-ins, magazine subscriptions, books and software, including 20% off StockLayouts templates. There are nearly forty groups and the number is growing rapidly. No InDesign user group in your area, but convinced you need one? Start up your own!