U.S. to International Page Size Conversion

Page Sizes U.S. Int’l inches (in) millimeters (mm)
Letter 8.5×11 A4 8.27×11.69 210×297
Tabloid 11×17 A3 11.69×16.54 297×420
Legal 8.5×14 8.5×14 210×356
Half Letter 8.5×5.5 A5 5.83×8.27 148×210
Postcard 6×4 A6 4.13×5.83 105×148
Business Card 3.5×2 3.35×2.13 85×54
Envelope No.10 DL 8.66×4.33 110×220
Poster 11×14 A3 11.69×16.54 297×420

The above chart is a quick reference guide to international standard (A4) and U.S. paper sizes. In the international community, the most frequently used paper size is A4. An A4 document compared to a standard U.S. Letter document has more height and a little less width. For a detailed explanation about International paper sizes, Markus Kuhn’s article International Standard Paper Sizes is a great resource.

U.S. to International Page Sizes Comparison

LayoutReady templates offer professional design for Microsoft Word & Publisher users in both U.S. and International page sizes. The templates, which are available for immediate download are easily customized to meet the needs of the business customer by using common Microsoft software applications that most small businesses already own. While previously available in U.S. sizes, LayoutReady templates now offer small businesses outside of the U.S. an unmatched resource for marketing materials.

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