Look What I Did With My Template!

We asked our customers to share with us what they’ve created using a StockLayouts template. Over 100 designs were submitted for the ‘Look What I Did With My Template’ Contest. The first place winner was awarded a 1-Year Template Library Subscription (a $599 value)! We simply could not pick just one out of the many great designs so we also awarded second, third and honorable mention prizes.

Our customers do a great job of customizing our templates to make their own unique graphic design marketing materials. We loved seeing templates used outside of the intended industry. We were impressed with those who used graphic elements to create pieces we don’t offer, such as banners, placemats, powerpoint presentations and more. The contestants demonstrated how a stock design can be used to create unique materials with their own originality and creativity!

‘Look What I Did With My Template’ Contest Winners

Contest Winner

Click to view the original
First Prize:

Bridget’s designs for Evolvent

We choose this design for 1st place because it demonstrates how a template can be made into a unique design. Bridget retained the integrity of the original layout, while customizing the colors and photos to create materials for an organization outside of the original industry. We were also impressed with the usage of the design elements to create a display stand.

Second Prize:

Suzanne’s Newsletter for Los Padres ForestWatch

We chose the second place winner because the integrity of the design was maintained and replicated throughout the additional pages that were added. The design also using a great selection of fonts.

Contest Winner

Click to view the original
Contest Winner

Click to view the original
Third Prize:

Orwin’s Brochure design for Filados 

Orwin made creative use of graphic elements to add to the design, as well as used excellent typography. We were impressed that this template, originally meant for financial services, was executed nicely as a product brochure.

Honorable Mention:

Sandy’s Newsletter design for St. John’s County

We selected this design for honorable mention because Sandy used an education template to create an eye catching and well constructed newsletter for another industry.

Contest Winner

Click to view the original

Thank you to everyone who submitted a design!

Feeling inspired? Try your hand at creating great-looking marketing materials using a StockLayouts template as a starting point!

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