Create a Magazine Design from a Newsletter or Brochure Template

Create professional magazines or newsletters for your industry with graphic design templates. Edit photos, colors, text, and layout to customize your own unique design. View the magazine redesign below created from a brochure and newsletter template from the StockLayouts design library.

Original Layouts

Church Outreach Ministries Brochure Design

Church Outreach Ministries Newsletter Design

Custom Magazine Design


Spread 1: Front & Back

Church Ministries Magazine Spread 1

Spread 2: Pages 2 & 7

Church Ministries Magazine Spread 2

Spread 3: Pages 6 & 3

Church Ministries Magazine Spread 3

Spread 4: Pages 4 & 5

Church Ministries Magazine Spread 4

Graphic Design Resources

Create your own magazine design starting with a newsletter template from StockLayouts.

Learn how to customize templates easily and quickly with Graphic Design Tutorial Videos.

Download the StockLayouts Graphic Design Catalog of professional print layouts to use as a creative resource.

Try a free sample newsletter template to see how easy they are to customize!

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