20+ Brochure Design Ideas for Marketing Your Business

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One of the simplest and most effective ways to market your business is through the use of brochures. Brochures have been around for a long time and for good reason. Unlike other print items, brochures offer more room to inform your customers about your product or service. They can be easily displayed on store counters, in reception areas or waiting rooms, or distributed with other materials in presentation folders at trade shows and meetings.

There are many ways to produce a brochure. You could hire a design agency, contract a freelance graphic designer, use a design online tool, or choose to do it yourself using desktop publishing software with the help of templates and stock photos. Make your own business brochures quickly and affordably with ready-made tri-fold brochure designs from StockLayouts. Here are 20 brochure design ideas selected from the StockLayouts template library to inspire you:

8.5 x 11 Tri-Fold Brochure Ideas

Letter-Size Tri-Fold Brochure Templates

Tri-fold brochures are a great way for small businesses to market or advertise their product or service. Tri-fold brochure dimensions are usually letter size which is 8.5 x 11″. They can be placed in counter-top holders, or stacked neatly on a desk or table where the brochure cover can be easily seen. Because tri-fold brochures are smaller compared to some other marketing materials, it helps to use color and good design that will catch your audience’s attention.

1. Lawn Care Brochure Example

Lawn Care Brochure Design

2. Laundry Service Brochure Idea

Laundry Brochure Design

3. Charity Event Brochure Design Idea

Fun Run Brochure Design Idea

4. Dental Office Brochure Example

Dentist Brochure Design Idea

5. Hospital Brochure Design Idea

Hospital Brochure Design Idea

6. Environmental Brochure Design Example

Non Profit Brochure Design Idea

7. Painting Business Brochure Example

Painting Contractor Brochure Design Idea

8. Pet Adoption Brochure Idea

Animal Shelter Brochure Design Idea

9. Farmer’s Market Brochure Example

Farmers Market Brochure Design Idea

10. Tax Service Business Brochure Design

Accounting Brochure Design Idea

11 x 17 Tabloid Brochure Ideas

Tabloid Brochures - Brochure Cover Designs - Print Templates

Half-fold brochures are another popular brochure format that people use to promote their business. Half-fold brochures are often created in a tabloid page size which is 11 x 17″. Tabloid brochures are great for larger businesses or companies that operate in the professional services sector. Because of their dimensions, once folded in half, they can slide neatly into a folder with the brochure cover in front along with other marketing collateral for easy distribution to clients.

11. Financial Planner Brochure Example

Wealth Management Brochure Design Idea - Brochure Cover

12. Senior Living Brochure Design Idea

Senior Care Brochure Design Idea - Brochure Cover

13. Renewable Energy Business Brochure

High-Tech Manufacturing Brochure Design Idea - Brochure Cover

14. Travel Brochure Design Idea

Hawaii Travel Brochure Design Idea - Brochure Cover

15. Flooring Company Brochure Example

Carpet & Hardwood Flooring Brochure Design Idea - Brochure Cover

16. Photographer Brochure Design Idea

Photographer Brochure Design Idea - Brochure Cover

17. Architect Brochure Design Example

Architect Brochure Design Idea - Brochure Cover

18. Interior Design Brochure Idea

Interior Design Brochure Design Idea - Brochure Cover

19. Medical Research Brochure Example

Medical Research Brochure Design Idea - Brochure Cover

20. Advertising Company Brochure Design Idea

Advertising Company Brochure Design Idea - Brochure Cover

Professional Business Marketing Templates

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