25 Great Advertising Headlines & Ad Design Ideas

Advertising Headline Example Idea

Next to an eye-catching, well-chosen image, a memorable headline is the most important part of a successful print advertisement. A headline is the first line of copy your customers read. Either your customer will be drawn in and continue to read about your product or service, or they’ll move on. There’s only so much mind share to go around.

If you’re not a copywriter, coming up with an attention-grabbing headline can be a daunting task. Here are 25 advertising headlines including ad design examples from StockLayouts to inspire your creativity and copywriting work.

Veterinary Clinic Postcard

Headline: “Kitty pulled a hammy – lucky for kitty we have a specialist.”

Veterinary Clinic Postcard Idea

Golf Course Advertisement

Headline: “Meticulously cared for greens, pristine fairways, architectural design – frustration has never looked this good.”

Golf Course Advertisement Idea

Travel Postcard

Headline: “Places to go, things to do, people not to see.”

Travel Postcard Idea

Tanning Salon Ad

Headline: “When was the last time you heard a woman say she wanted “tall, pale and handsome.”

Tanning Salon Ad Idea

Pest Control Print Ad

Headline: “Your kitchen went from feeding a family of 4 to feeding a family of 40,000.”

Pest Control Print Ad Example

Jewelry Advertisement

Headline: “Rock and Roll. We’ll provide the rock – you provide the roll.”

Jewelry Advertisement Idea

Business Services Ads

Headline: “My sweets need more tweets.”

Headline: “My bikes need more likes.”

Headline: “My coffee needs more buzz.”

Business Services Example Ads

Adolescent Counseling Service Ad

Headline: “I don’t want to be labelled – I want to be heard.”

Adolescent Counseling Service Ad Idea

Janitorial Office Cleaning Ad

Headline: “We don’t cut corners – we dust them.”

Janitorial Office Cleaning Ad Idea

Pet Grooming Postcards

Headline: “From smelly slob, to heart throb.”

Headline: “From head to toe, best in show.”

Headline: “From mangy mutt, to stylish cut.”

Pet Grooming Postcard Ideas

Vintage Clothing Store Ad

Headline: “Fashions that take you back in time, yet prove to be timeless.”

Vintage Clothing Store Ad Idea

BBQ Restaurant Advertisement

Headline: “If you’re looking for something fancy, try one of our mint flavored toothpicks.”

BBQ Restaurant Advertisement Idea

Pet Hotel Ad

Headline: “For pets who don’t get treated like animals.”

Pet Hotel Ad Idea

Farmer’s Market Ad

Headline: “This year’s crop is ready to rock.”

Farmer's Market Ad Example

Estate Planning Advertisement

Headline: “Life is a journey that starts and ends with family.”

Estate Planning Advertisement Idea

Charity Fun Run Ad

Headline: “Feel good about yourself even after the endorphins wear off.”

Charity Fun Run Ad Idea

Insurance Company Advertisement

Headline: “Live life fully covered.”

Insurance Company Advertisement Idea

Moving Company Advertisement

Headline: “Shipment protection – even on items your wife wishes weren’t protected.”

Moving Company Advertisement Idea

Fitness Club Ad

Headline: “We recommend a tummy tuck – the old fashioned way.”

Fitness Club Ad Example

Landscaping Service Advertisement

Headline: “We make yards happy, and their owners too.”

Landscaping Service Advertisement Idea

Personal Finance Advisor Ad

Headline: “Just because the stock market acts irrationally, doesn’t mean you have to.”

Personal Finance Advisor Ad Idea

Auto Repair Shop Ad

Headline: “Most cars have warranties that expire at 50,000 miles – then what?”

Auto Repair Shop Ad Idea

Fencing Contractor Advertisement

Headline: “Decked out in style.”

Fencing Contractor Advertisement Example

Recruiting Company Advertisement

Headline: “Uniting talent with opportunity.”

Recruiting Company Advertisement Idea

Foster Adoption Service Ad

Headline: “Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.”

Foster Adoption Service Ad Idea

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