StockLayouts Top 10 Brochure Designs of 2017

These brochure designs represent StockLayouts most popular brochure design templates of 2017. The creative designs range in style from bold and modern to playful and colorful. The best-selling business categories include professional services, consulting, financial services, medical and healthcare, education, construction and home maintenance.

#1 Brochure Design – Accounting Firm

This design uses gradients with pleasing colors to create a modern look for professional businesses.
#1 Brochure Design

#2 Brochure Design – Elementary School

With a whimsical use of doodles and ruled paper, this playful brochure design reflects the creative and academic aspects of an elementary school.
#2 Brochure Design

#3 Brochure Design – Business Consultants

Bold shapes and a strong color palette make this design suitable for many business types from creative agencies to engineering firms.
#3 Brochure Design

#4 Brochure Design – Kids Summer Camp

This brochure design features nostalgic photos of kids having fun displayed creatively on a collage of wood textures and nature objects.
#4 Brochure Design

#5 Brochure Design – Industrial Engineering

This design using a building-block pattern, communicates complex engineering and manufacturing in a clean and simple way.
#5 Brochure Design

#6 Brochure Design – Green Energy

The triangular-shaped grid used to place images in this design is an effective way communicate connectivity.
#6 Brochure Design

#7 Brochure Design – Landscaping Service

The angular shapes of overlapping, pleasing colors makes this design stand out.
#7 Brochure Design

#8 Brochure Design – Corporate Consulting

“In Focus” and “On Target” is what this design tells the reader with its unique use of dramatic shapes and colors.
#8 Brochure Design

#9 Brochure Design – Building Contractor

Design and construction come together with this modern, clean, open brochure design.
#9 Brochure Design

#10 Brochure Design – Bank

This patriotic and friendly brochure design makes great use of red, white and blue swoops.
#10 Brochure Design

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